A collection of hardware utilities, plugins and tools in node.js including support for GPIO, PWM, serial ports, USB, servo controls, interrupt handling and NMEA parser and more. Sourced under a permissive license. This list will be updated regularly. Email over the URL, if you wish to be included.

Hardware libraries, plugins and tools for node.js

  • johnny-five – Firmata based Arduino Framework.
  • serialport – Access serial ports for reading and writing.
  • usb – USB library.
  • i2c-bus – I2C serial bus access.
  • onoff – GPIO access and interrupt detection.
  • spi-device – SPI serial bus access.
  • pigpio – Fast GPIO, PWM, servo control, state change notification, and interrupt handling on the Raspberry Pi.
  • gps – NMEA parser for handling GPS receivers.
  • modbus-serial – A pure JavaScript implementation of MODBUS-RTU (serial and TCP).

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