A collection of build tools utilities, plugins and tools in node.js including static asset bundling, pack modules and assets, web app build tools and more. Sourced under a permissive license. This list will be updated regularly. Email over the URL, if you wish to be included.

Build tool libraries, plugins and tools for node.js

  • parcel – Blazing fast, zero config web app bundler.
  • webpack – Packs modules and assets for the browser.
  • rollup – Next-generation ES2015 module bundler.
  • gulp – Streaming and fast build system that favors code over config.
  • Broccoli – Fast, reliable asset pipeline, supporting constant-time rebuilds and compact build definitions.
  • Brunch – Front-end web app build tool with simple declarative config, fast incremental compilation, and an opinionated workflow.
  • FuseBox – Fast build system that combines the power of webpack, JSPM and SystemJS, with first-class TypeScript support.
  • pkg – Package your Node.js project into an executable.
  • Vite – Front-end build tool with hot module replacement and static asset bundling.

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