In this code snippet, we’ll show an example to convert a binary number to decimal representation using PHP method shown below.

How to convert a binary number to decimal representation in PHP

 * Convert a binary number to decimal representation.
 * This function takes a binary number as input and returns an integer representing
 * the equivalent decimal value.
 * @param int|string $binary The binary number to be converted to decimal. Can be either an integer or a string.
 * @return int The resulting decimal number.
function binary_to_decimal($binary): int
    // Convert the input to a string if it's an integer or split it if it's already a string
    $values = is_int($binary) ? str_split(strval($binary)) : str_split($binary);

    $result = 0;
    $pow_index = count($values) - 1;

    foreach ($values as $value) {
        if ($value == 1) {
            $result += pow(2, $pow_index);
    return $result;

echo binary_to_decimal("10110") . PHP_EOL;
echo binary_to_decimal(10100) . PHP_EOL;

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