Upgrading the Ubuntu Linux Kernel

Reasons to upgrade to the latest Linux Kernel:

  • Better performance improvements.
  • Newest graphics drivers for new AMD and Intel ARC CPUS/GPUs.

Displays the current Kernel version for your system

uname -r

“/proc/version” file contains the current Linux kernel version, the version of GCC used to compile the kernel and the compile time of the Kernel.

cat /proc/version

Starting the Upgrade Process

Update your update your system:

sudo apt update

Add the cappelikan repository to your system as it is required for Ubuntu Main Kernel installer:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cappelikan/ppa -y

Then install Ubuntu Mainline Kernel Installer:

sudo apt install mainline -y

When the tool is install and open the Ubuntu Mainline Kernel you will the different kernels you can install. I reccommend for stability that you have two kernels insatlled. By keeping the stable LTS kernel 5.15 and also installing the latest kernel, which would be Kernel 6.0.

Ubuntu Mainline Kernel Tool

Lastly, reboot your Ubuntu system so that it can take changes from the new kernel installation:

sudo reboot

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