A collection of free and open source software and libraries for SSH, bash, terminal and command line utilities, tools, plugins and libraries. Sourced under a creative commons. This list will be updated regularly. Email over the URL, if you wish to be included.

SSH tools
SSH, bash, terminal and command line utilities, tools, plugins and libraries

  • Advanced SSH config – Enhances ssh_config file capabilities, completely transparent.
  • autossh – Automatically respawn ssh session after network interruption.
  • Cluster SSH – Controls a number of xterm windows via a single graphical console.
  • DSH – Dancer’s shell / distributed shell – Wrapper for executing multiple remote shell commands from one command line.
  • Mosh – The mobile shell.
  • parallel-ssh – Provides parallel versions of OpenSSH and related tools.
  • pdsh – Pdsh is a high-performance, parallel remote shell utility.
  • SSH Power Tool – Execute commands and upload files to many servers simultaneously without using pre-shared keys.
  • sshrc – sources ~/.sshrc on your local computer after logging in remotely.
  • stormssh – A command line tool to manage SSH connections.

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