A simple, early version RPC and API PHP SDK for Solana blockchain under MIT licence


You can install the package via composer: or github


Using the Solana simple client

You can use the Connection class for convenient access to API methods. Some are defined in the code:

use Tighten\SolanaPhpSdk\Connection;
use Tighten\SolanaPhpSdk\SolanaRpcClient;

// Using a defined method
$sdk = new Connection(new SolanaRpcClient(SolanaRpcClient::MAINNET_ENDPOINT));
$accountInfo = $sdk->getAccountInfo('4fYNw3dojWmQ4dXtSGE9epjRGy9pFSx62YypT7avPYvA');

For all the possible methods, see the API documentation.

Directly using the RPC client

The Connection class is just a light convenience layer on top of the RPC client. You can, if you want, use the client directly, which allows you to work with the full Response object:

use Tighten\SolanaPhpSdk\SolanaRpcClient;

$client = new SolanaRpcClient(SolanaRpcClient::MAINNET_ENDPOINT);
$accountInfoResponse = $client->call('getAccountInfo', ['4fYNw3dojWmQ4dXtSGE9epjRGy9pFSx62YypT7avPYvA']);
$accountInfoBody = $accountInfoResponse->json();
$accountInfoStatusCode = $accountInfoResponse->getStatusCode();


Here is working example of sending a transfer instruction to the Solana blockchain:

$client = new SolanaRpcClient(SolanaRpcClient::DEVNET_ENDPOINT);
$connection = new Connection($client);
$fromPublicKey = KeyPair::fromSecretKey([...]);
$toPublicKey = new PublicKey('J3dxNj7nDRRqRRXuEMynDG57DkZK4jYRuv3Garmb1i99');
$instruction = SystemProgram::transfer(

$transaction = new Transaction(null, null, $fromPublicKey->getPublicKey());

$txHash = $connection->sendTransaction($transaction, $fromPublicKey);

Note: This project is in alpha, the code to generate instructions is still being worked on $instruction = SystemProgram::abc()


  1. Borsh serialize and deserialize.
  2. Improved documentation.
  3. Build out more of the Connection, SystemProgram, TokenProgram, MetaplexProgram classes.
  4. Improve abstractions around working with binary data.
  5. Optimizations:
    1. Leverage PHP more.
    2. Better cache $recentBlockhash when sending transactions.
  6. Suggestions? Open an issue or PR 😀


composer test


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.