A collection of process management libraries, plugins and tools for node.js including managing processes and script, windows service processes and more. Sourced under a permissive license. This list will be updated regularly. Email over the URL, if you wish to be included.

Process management libraries, plugins and tools for node.js

  • PM2 – Advanced Process Manager.
  • nodemon – Monitor for changes in your app and automatically restart the server.
  • node-mac – Run scripts as a native Mac daemon and log to the console app.
  • node-linux – Run scripts as native system service and log to syslog.
  • node-windows – Run scripts as a native Windows service and log to the Event viewer.
  • supervisor – Restart scripts when they crash or restart when a *.js file changes.
  • Phusion Passenger – Friendly process manager that integrates directly into Nginx.

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