A collection of text & string utilities, plugins and tools in node.js including string manipulation, pattern matching, URL generators, text formatters, string conversion and more. Sourced under a permissive license. This list will be updated regularly. Email over the URL, if you wish to be included.

Text & string utilities, plugins and tools in node.js

  • iconv-lite – Convert character encodings.
  • string-length – Get the real length of a string – by correctly counting astral symbols and ignoring ansi escape codes.
  • camelcase – Convert a dash/dot/underscore/space separated string to camelCase: foo-bar → fooBar.
  • escape-string-regexp – Escape RegExp special characters.
  • splice-string – Remove or replace part of a string like Array#splice.
  • indent-string – Indent each line in a string.
  • strip-indent – Strip leading whitespace from every line in a string.
  • detect-indent – Detect the indentation of code.
  • he – HTML entity encoder/decoder.
  • i18n-node – Simple translation module with dynamic JSON storage.
  • babelfish – i18n with very easy syntax for plurals.
  • matcher – Simple wildcard matching.
  • unhomoglyph – Normalize visually similar unicode characters.
  • i18next – Internationalization framework.
  • nanoid – Tiny, secure, URL-friendly, unique string ID generator.
  • StegCloak – Conceal secrets within strings, in plain sight.

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