A collection of parser utilities, plugins and tools for node.js including HTML, CSS, CSV, YAML, XML, XLSX and JSON parsers. Sourced under a permissive license. This list will be updated regularly. Email over the URL, if you wish to be included.

Parser utilities, plugins and tools for node.js

  • remark – Markdown processor powered by plugins.
  • markdown-it – Markdown parser with 100% CommonMark support, extensions and syntax plugins.
  • parse5 – Fast full-featured spec compliant HTML parser.
  • @parcel/css – A CSS parser, transformer, and minifier written in Rust.
  • strip-json-comments – Strip comments from JSON.
  • strip-css-comments – Strip comments from CSS.
  • parse-json – Parse JSON with more helpful errors.
  • URI.js – URL mutation.
  • JSONStream – Streaming JSON.parse and stringify.
  • neat-csv – Fast CSV parser. Callback interface for the above.
  • csv-parser – Streaming CSV parser that aims to be faster than everyone else.
  • PEG.js – Simple parser generator that produces fast parsers with excellent error reporting.
  • x-ray – Web scraping utility.
  • nearley – Simple, fast, powerful parsing for JavaScript.
  • binary-extract – Extract a value from a buffer of JSON without parsing the whole thing.
  • Stylecow – Parse, manipulate and convert modern CSS to make it compatible with all browsers. Extensible with plugins.
  • js-yaml – Very fast YAML parser.
  • xml2js – XML to JavaScript object converter.
  • Jison – Friendly JavaScript parser generator. It shares genes with Bison, Yacc and family.
  • google-libphonenumber – Parse, format, store and validate phone numbers.
  • ref – Read/write structured binary data in Buffers.
  • xlsx-populate – Read/write Excel XLSX.
  • Chevrotain – Very fast and feature rich parser building toolkit for JavaScript.
  • fast-xml-parser – Validate and parse XML.

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