A collection of Command Line Tools, Utilities and Plugins for Git. Sourced under a creative commons. This list will be updated regularly. Email over the URL, if you wish to be included.

A collection of Command Line Tools, Utilities and Plugins for Git

Various tools for daily operations

    • awesome-git-addons – lists more than 20 git addons including all available commands
    • myrepos – a tool to manage multiple version control repositories
    • mu-repo – a tool to help in dealing with multiple git repositories
    • multi-gitter – a tool to make changes in multiple repositories simultaneously
    • gitwalk – Bulk processing of git repos
    • gr – a tool for managing multiple git repositories
    • BFG Repo-Cleaner – a simpler, faster alternative to git-filter-branch for cleansing bad data out of your Git repository history
    • GitIgnore Collection – collection of gitignore files for various programming language
    • etckeeper – a collection of tools to let /etc be stored in a git repository
    • git-extras – git utilities adding useful git commands.
    • git-extra-commands – Another collection of useful git commands.
    • git-follow – a tool for following lifetime changes of a file throughout the history of a Git repository.
    • Gitrob – a command line tool to find sensitive information lingering in publicly available files on GitHub
    • gitFS – a FUSE file system that fully integrates with git
    • Gitless – an experimental version of Git that changes some of Git’s underlying concepts
    • ghq — Organization for remote repositories
    • bash-git-prompt – An informative and fancy bash prompt for Git users
    • conventional-changelog – a set of tools for parsing conventional commit messages from git histories
    • release-it – Automate releases for Git repositories and/or npm packages. Changelog generation, GitHub/GitLab releases, etc.
    • gickup – Backup repos from various hosters to local or other hosters.
    • git-absorb – git commit --fixup, but automatic
    • jc –git-log – Convert your git log to JSON.
    • gitbackup – a tool to backup your Bitbucket, GitHub and GitLab repositories.
    • soba – scheduled backups of repositories from popular providers with change detection.

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