In this collections blog post, we’ll be listing a collection of file and filesystem libraries for PHP. Allowing you to easily manipulate and manage files from your PHP project. As always, this list is updated regularly. Email over the URL, if you wish to be included.

Files Libraries and Extensions

Libraries for file manipulation and MIME type detection.

    • CSV – A CSV data manipulation library.
    • Flysystem – Abstraction for local and remote filesystems.
    • Gaufrette – A filesystem abstraction layer.
    • PHP FFmpeg – A wrapper for the FFmpeg video library.
    • UnifiedArchive – A unified reader and writer of compressed archives handling files such as zip, tar, 7z and rar.

Tags: PHP, PHP filesystem, filesystem, csv, flysystem, gaufrette, ffmpeg, zip, tar, 7z, rar, filesystem abstraction library, filesystem libraries

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