In this short list and collections blog post, we’ll be listing a collection of themes and utility, components, plugins, and extensions. Which add aesthetic and additional functionality to your PHPStorm IDE. As always, this list is updated regularly. Email over the URL, if you wish to be included.



  • deep-assoc-completion – The plugin allows you to have auto-completion for PHP array keys inferred from other functions (also for mysqli and PDO results).
  • 3v4l pl4g1n – The plugin allows you to run your code on more than 150 different PHP versions using
  • String Manipulation – Provides actions for text manipulation: change case, encode/decode (md5, hex, base64), increment/decrement, sort lines, allign
  • CamelCase – Switch easily between CamelCase, camelCase, snake_case and SNAKE_CASE. See Edit menu or use SHIFT + ALT + U.
  • Lines Sorter – Add Sort Lines action in Edit menu to sort selected lines or whole file if selection is empty.
  • PHP Annotations – Adds support for PHP annotations
  • PHP Toolbox – Adds completion and typing for many libraries using dynamic returns types based on arguments
  • RegexpTester – Regular Expression Tester for IntelliJ IDEA. Allows you to experiment with Java regular expressions in a dynamic environment.
  • Options completion plugin – Parses phpDocumentor’s hash description and shows supported keys.
  • CodeGlance – Embeds a code minimap similar to the one found in Sublime into the editor pane.
  • Rainbow Brackets – Colored matching brackets.
  • Better Highlights – This plugin allows you to colorize/highlight comments and language keywords. Inside comments could be colorized and referenced source code, files and other comments.
  • Scan Mode – Toggle font size and line spacing by keyboard shortcut.

Code Quality

  • PhpMetrics – PhpMetrics is a static analysis tool for PHP.
  • Php Inspections (EA Extended) – This plugin is a Static Code Analysis tool for PHP (aka inspections in JetBrains products).
  • SonarLint – SonarLint is a static analysis tool for PHP, it runs static analysis locally showing issues in realtime as you edit and can be integrated with a Sonar server.


  • BashSupport – Bash language support for the IntelliJ platform. Supports syntax highlighting, rename refactoring, documentation lookup, inspections, quickfixes and much more.
  • NEON support – Nette Object Notation –


  • CakePHP IdeHelper – Framework plugin for better IDE autocomplete/typehinting support.
  • Laravel Plugin – Supports Laravel Route, Blade, DIC, etc.
  • Magicento – Commercial plugin which supports Magento 1.x and 2.x.
  • Symfony Plugin – Tons a small useful tweaks for Symfony, Doctrine, Twig etc.
  • Yii2 – Provides Yii 2 Framework support for PhpStorm and IntelliJ IDEA.


  • PHPUnit Enhancement – PhpStorm plugin to provide smart autocomplete, code navigation and refactoring features for mocked class methods. Its a fork of PHPUnit Autocomplete Assistant to support latest PhpStorm API and provide additional PhpUnit / Prophecy features

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