In this blog series, we will showcase various plugins for TextPattern, each falling into a specific plugin type category. Whether you’re a developer looking to extend TextPattern’s functionality or a user seeking to optimize your website’s performance, this textpattern plugin list, should have what your looking for.

Admin Plugins

  • cbe_frontauth – Manage backend connections from frontend and protect content from non-logged in users.
  • hak_tinymce – TinyMCE integration for Textpattern.
  • jbx_multiple_image_upload – Multiple image upload.
  • rah_privileges – Configure Textpattern’s admin-side user-group privileges through the Preferences panel.
  • spf_codemirror – CodeMirror syntax-highlighting and Emmet code-completion for Pages, Forms, Styles, etc.
  • spf_js – JavaScript management (similar to Presentation → Styles).
  • tom_image_grid – Provides a more compact grid interface for the image admin panel.
  • yab_copy_to_new – Allows for easy copying of articles from the Write panel.

Comment Plugins

Content Plugins

Embedding Plugins

  • arc_vimeo – Easily embed Vimeo videos.
  • arc_youtube – Easily embed YouTube videos.
  • oui_embed – Embed any information from any web page using Embed.
  • oui_instagram – Easily embed Instagram recent images galleries.
  • oui_player – Easily embed customizable players from a growing providers list.

Forms Plugins

Images Plugins

Navigation Plugins

Performance Plugins

SEO Plugins

  • arc_meta – Meta tags to improve site SEO and social marketing.
  • arc_redirect – URL redirect plugin.
  • rah_sitemap – XML sitemap generator.
  • wcz_utf8_url – UTF-8 permlinks instead of transliterated ones.

Social Plugins

Plugins that add social features to Textpattern.

Miscellaneous Plugins

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