Laravel developer looking for free themes, UI, Bootstrap, or dashboard templates? In this blog post, we’ve collated a list of free laravel theme resources that can help speed up your development process. Whether you’re building an admin dashboard, a web application, or a landing page, these free laravel templates resources can help you get your project up and running, quickly and easily.

Laravel Admin Dashboards:

  • Craftable – GitHub Link – A Laravel CRUD administration panel package.
  • SB Admin v2.0 rewritten in Laravel – GitHub Link – A Laravel version of SB Admin v2.0 for building admin dashboards.
  • SB Admin Laravel 5 – GitHub Link – A Laravel 5 version of SB Admin for creating admin dashboards.
  • Volt Laravel Admin Dashboard GitHub Link – Free Full Stack Laravel App with Livewire & Alpine.js – An admin dashboard built with Laravel, Livewire, and Alpine.js.
  • Soft UI Dashboard Laravel  – A full stack Laravel dashboard featuring the Soft UI design.
  • Vue Material Dashboard 2 Laravel – A full stack app built with Vue3 and Laravel API, using the Material Dashboard 2 design.
  • Paper Dashboard Laravel – A Laravel version of the Paper Dashboard, a responsive admin panel.

Bootstrap Templates:

  • Miri UI  – A free Bootstrap 5 UI kit from BootstrapDash, highly customizable and easy to set up.
  • Foi App Landing  – Develop landing pages and other webpages quickly with this free Bootstrap template.
  • Oleez Website Template – Quickly build web pages with this free Bootstrap 4 website template.
  • Hiro Agency landing page – A highly customizable and easy to set up landing page template, completely free to use.
  • Simple Landing Page – Easily build landing pages with this free Bootstrap landing page template.
  • Login form – Set up a login page quickly with this free Bootstrap 5 login page template.
  • Pricing Plan free – Easily set up and build pricing plan pages with this free Bootstrap template.
  • Free Bootstrap Resume – Create an impressive resume with this free Bootstrap resume template.

Other Laravel Projects:

  • The Laravel Boilerplate Project – GitHub Link – A comprehensive Laravel project template.

Image Credits: Craftable under the MIT Documentation license

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