A collection of Svelte UI Libraries for UX designers and developers. The list is updated regularly. Email over the URL, if you wish to be included.

Svelte UI Libraries

UI and component libraries for the Svelte JavaScript compiler

Website                            Description
Svelte Material UI UI library for Svelte based on Material Design
SvelteStrap UI library for Svelte based on the Bootstrap framework
Svelte Flat UI UI library for Svelte based on Flat Design
Svelte Particles A lightweight Svelte component for creating particles
Attractions A pretty cool UI kit for Svelte
Svelteit A minimalistic UI/UX component library for Svelte and Sapper projects
Carbon Components Svelte A component library that implements the Carbon Design System, an open source design system by IBM.
Radix Svelte This is a port of Radix UI for Svelte.
shadcn-svelte shadcn-svelte is an unofficial community-led Svelte port of shadcn/ui.

MIT Licensed