This VScode extension provide a fullset of snippets for PHP devs. It’s pretty simple !

You can use it to avoid wasting time typing Class blocks, function signatures or other common PHP statements.

The code generated is as compliant as possible with PSR-1PSR-2 and PSR-12 (Review stage) coding standards provided by PHP-FIG.

Snippets are PHP7 oriented (type hinting and return type) but PHP5 compatibility is also provided (see Functions and Methods sections).

This work is inspired by PHPstorm (PHP Live Templates) and other works available on VScode marketplace like PHP Snippets VS Code or PHP Snippet Pack.


Type a snippet (or part of it), press Enter or Tab (if editor.tabCompletion set to true in your settings) and the snippet will expand just right there.

Tip : Snippets provided in this extension support tab to next/previous placeholder.

These snippets are meant to work in PHP context (VScode file). However there are also available in Plain Text context for convenience and PHP tags are available in HTML one.


These snippets try to be as intuitive as possible and to avoid conflicts with previous or built-in snippets.

Placeholders are quite ‘easy to use’ though some need optimizations.

Tip : If you want to use snippets and completion in placeholders look at the Extension settings section.

PHP tags

Snippet Output
php <?php ...?>
po <?php...
pc ?>
peco <?= ... ?>


Snippet Output
gget $_GET["..."]
gpost $_POST["..."]
gss $_SESSION["..."]
gfile $_FILES['...']['...']
gcook $_COOKIE["..."]
gser $_SERVER["..."]
greq $_REQUEST["..."]
genv $_ENV["..."]
gglob $GLOBALS["..."]


Snippet Output
arr [value, value, ...];
ark ['key' => value, 'key' => value,...]
kv 'key' => value, [1]
va value,  [1]
  • [1] Addon snippet : use with arr or ark snippet to add value or key => value if needed.

Statements and common functions calls

Snippet Output
eco echo "...";
inc include __DIR__.'...';
inco include_once __DIR__.'...';
rqr require __DIR__.'...';
rqro require_once __DIR__.'...';
df define("...", "...");
pr print_r(...);
vd var_dump(...);
vx var_export(...);


Snippet Output
fn function func_name(Type $args): void {...}
fna function (Type $args): void {...}
fnu function (Type $args) use ($vars): void {...}

Tip : You can call functions snippets above without type hinting and return type (PHP5 compatibility) by using - as prefix.

  • -fna for function ($args) {...} (anonymous function block)

Control structures

Snippet Output
ifb if (condition) {...}
ifel if (condition) {...} else {...}
ifelif if (condition) {...} elseif (condition) {...} else {...}
sw switch ($variable) { case 'label': ... break; ... default: ... break; }
cs case 'label': ... break; [1]
tern condition ? if_true : if_false;
  • [1] Addon snippet : use with sw snippet to add case if needed.

Tip : Other if ... else form is also available if needed:

Snippet Output
ifen if (condition): ... endif;
ifelen if (condition): ... else: ... endif;
ifelifen if (condition): ... elseif (condition): ... else: ... endif;

Loops structures

Snippet Output
fore foreach ($iterable as $item) {...}
forek foreach ($iterable as $key => $item) {...}
forl for ($i = 0; $i < $limit; $i++) {...}
wl while ($variable <= $limit) {...}
dowl do {...} while ($variable <= $limit);

Tip : Other loops form is also available if needed:

Snippet Output
foren foreach ($iterable as $item): {...} endforeach;
forenk foreach ($iterable as $key => $item): {...} endforeach;
forlen for ($i = 0; $i < $limit; $i++): {...} endfor;
wlen while ($variable <= $limit): {...} endwhile;

Classes, interfaces and traits

Snippet Output
cl class ClassName {...}
clx class ClassName extends MotherClass {...}
cli class ClassName implements Interfaces {...}
clxi class ClassName extends MotherClass implements Interfaces {...}
in interface InterfaceName {...}
inx interface InterfaceName extends Interfaces {...}
trt trait TraitName {...}

Tip : You can call Class snippets above with abstract or final form by using a or f as prefix.

  • acl for abstract class ClassName {...}
  • fcli for final class ClassName implements Interfaces {...}



Snippet Output
pubc public function __construct(Type $args) {...}
proc protected function __construct(Type $args) {...}
pric private function __construct(Type $args) {...}


Snippet Output
  Public methods
pubf public function methodName(Type $args): void {...}
pubsf public static function methodName(Type $args): void {...}
  Protected methods
prof protected function methodName(Type $args): void {...}
prosf protected static function methodName(Type $args): void {...}
  Private methods
prif private function methodName(Type $args): void {...}
prisf private static function methodName(Type $args): void {...}

Tip : You can call methods snippets above with abstract or final form by using a or f as prefix.

  • aprof for abstract protected function methodName(Type $args): void {...}
  • fpubsf for final public static function methodName(Type $args): void {...}

Tip : You can call methods snippets above without type hinting and return type (PHP5 compatibility) by using - as prefix.

  • -apubf for abstract public function methodName(parameters) {...}


Snippet Output
tryc try {...} catch (\Throwable $e) {...}
tryf try {...} catch (\Throwable $e) {...} finally {...}
cat catch (\Throwable $e) {...} [1]
fy finally {...} [2]
thr throw new SomeException("Error statement");
  • [1] Addon snippet : use with tryc or tryf snippet to add catch if needed.
  • [2] Addon snippet : use with tryc snippet to add finally if needed.


All you need is VScode installed on your machine.

  • Install the extension from Extensions menu.

  • You can also press F1 then type:

    ext install hakcorp.php-awesome-snippets

Extension Settings

The VScode default behavior deactivate IntelliSense suggestions when you’re filling placeholders. However if you want to use completion and snippets inside placeholders :

  • Open your settings.json file ( { } icon at the top right corner of the settings tab).

  • Add this line anywhere you want: "editor.suggest.snippetsPreventQuickSuggestions": false

Now you can call snippets and any suggestion in placeholders without typing Ctrl+space.

Known Issues

If suggestions menu does not open, press Ctrl+space to open it manually.

Sometimes IntelliSense freezes loading or simply doesn’t select the called snippet. Backspace and try again, it should work.

Release Notes

All notable changes to this project will be documented in


MIT License