A comparison of the best CGI and 3D model marketplaces for purchasing 3D models and textures for your 3D project, website, film or animation.


Free3D – A huge selection of free 3D models compatible with many popular 3D modelling software. They also have a large selection of premium 3D models which are very reasonable priced (some really are priced at just $1 upwards).


Artstation – Is a platform for artists to showcase their portfolios and work. They also have a marketplace with a large selection of 3D models focused on the games industry. With prices from just a few dollars per model.


TurboSquid – Is a well known 3D marketplace, owned by Shutterstock they offer a browsable list of pre-built models ranging from cars, animals, people, buildings, household items, landscapes and many more. All ready to be purchased and downloaded through the online marketplace. You can find models for Autodesk Maya®, Blender®, Unity® Game Engine and Unreal® Game Engine. Most models are usually covered by the TurboSquid 3D Model License.


SketchFab – Lets users browse millions of 3D creators work, some of which are completely free and made available under a creative commons licence. The SketchFab store allows you to browse and view 3D Models directly in the browser, then purchase. It’s very similar to TurboSquid and Envato Elements in that regard. Sketchpad has also released a 3D editor online, allowing users to fine tune their models within the browser.


Envato Elements – Allows you to access over 149,000 3d Models through a subscription based service, with pricing starting from $14.50 per month, you can cancel at any time. The subscription also gives you access to over 10,000,000 other creative elements for your creative projects, websites, film and animations ranging from video, stock, vectors and more. In the interests of disclosure, this is a paid affiliate link (the only one in the list).


CGHero.com – is a Manchester UK, based 3D model marketplace for businesses operating in the games, architecture, automotive, retail and fashion industries. They also plan to serve the film & TV industry in the future. The focus is on custom made 3D models from a vetted set of freelance 3D Artists which they call ‘Heroes’. The Heroes are located around the world and the marketplace allows you to view a profile and portfolio, then hire the hero you’re interested in. More information on how it works can be found here.


UpWork – Is a US Based Freelance marketplace which doesn’t just focus on custom 3D Modelling. Users browse freelancers in a similar way to CGhero. The Upwork platform manages most aspects of the transaction, from proposal through to billing and escrow. With freelancers advertising hourly rates from just $17 per hour. The industry focus ranges from video game development through to civil engineering and architecture.